Five Quick Tips to Help Prevent Data Loss

  1. Back it up!
    Having a back up of your data is crucial when something happens to your machine.  But just setting up a back up and forgetting about it isn’t something that is advised.  Periodically check to make sure the backups are running and giving any errors, even go the extra step and try to run a recovery to make sure the place you are backing up will be ready for you when you need it.  One more thing on backups, it is recommended that you store at least one copy of a backup in location other than where your data resides.  This could be in the cloud, an alternate office, or a safety deposit box.  Make sure you are protected from a disaster that doesn’t involve your computer.
  2. Antivirus/Updates
    Always make sure you system has the latest updates and that your antivirus software is up to date.  Security holes are found in all operating systems and making sure a malicious attempt at destroying your data involves keeping these critical first defense items up to date.
  3. UPS
    Protect against power surges and power loss.  Have you ever got in a groove creating a document and forget to save it?  Use an uninterruptable power supply to give you that extra time to save the file you are working on when the power goes poof!  That extra couple minutes from a battery backup can save you lots of time remembering what you already typed.
  4. Passwords
    Choose a secure password and don’t give it out.  Don’t write it on a sticky note and put it on your monitor or keyboard and don’t save it in a file called “passwords”.  If you do create a complicated password and need a way to remember it, use key words that will help you determine what the password is.  This will make it harder for a malicious or even an innocent attempt to compromise your data.
  5. Be Cool!
    Keep your computer in a cool, dry, clean environment.  Running a space heater under your desk will keep you warm, but it will also put your computer in the hot zone.  Dress warmer!  Heat, dust, and liquid are all enemies to your computer, the more you can keep your computer away from these things, the safer your data will be.

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