GGNet Technologies is an EU Safe Harbor certified company focusing on robust, reliable datacenter services, including hosted services for websites, website applications, private secure cloud services, secure backups, failover systems, secure virtual private networks (VPNs), internal/cloud hybrid networks, disaster recovery solutions, and much more.

Customized datacenter solutions from GGNet serve school districts, medical practices, NASCAR drivers, technology companies, membership associations, educational management organizations, and large and small businesses throughout the United States. GGNet has met the rigorous technical requirements of Disney to provide a customized hosting solution for a Disney SyncLink solution.

GGNet datacenter services can help you:

Protect yourself from data loss. Secure, scalable backups in the GGNet datacenter ensure you’ll never lose your critical files.

Establish a failover or disaster recovery plan. In the GGNet datacenter, we can replicate your in-house datacenter, or even your entire server environment. Replicated services at a remote, secure site can keep you running when other components of your systems fail, such as power, Internet connections, DNS management, email, or any of your critical enterprise systems. We work with a variety of Internet providers and offer geographically disbursed services employing assets in the Chicago area, as well as East Coast, West Coast, and globally.

Create custom hosting solutions. Unlike off-the-shelf hosting partners, we will work with you to specify the resources you need, and configure the right-fit hosting solution for your needs. We address network security, secure certificates, performance, uptime, optimization, load balancing, and scalability. A full range of options from low-budget shared website hosting to dedicated website servers adapts to your needs. Real-time monitoring, high up-time, and optimized speed support your business objectives, from e-commerce to the nimble speed required for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Achieve peace of mind. Because GGNet network security teams regularly consult to law firms and business clients in cases regarding network security breaches, GGNet knows exactly how to protect your enterprise assets. Systems such as intrusion detection and prevention; advanced and proprietary threat management software; proactive system patching; protection from viruses and malware; aggressive monitoring and alerts are all incorporated into our network security management protocols for your applications and data. GGNet datacenter solutions address a variety of specialized needs, including HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance. GGNet is one of the few datacenters employing DNS security extensions (DNS SEC), which prevents others from spoofing a DNS to conduct phishing attempts, ensuring you are always in control of your Web assets.

What do you need from your hosting solution? Contact GGNet. We’re here to help.

Emergency Contact

If you are in the midst of a crisis, GGNet technicians are ready to respond 24/7. Please fill out your contact information, and brief statement of the emergency, and click Send. A GGNet technician will call you back on the phone number you provided.