Network Security

Loss of trust. Lawsuits. Cancellation of insurance policies. Loss of revenue, crippling fines, and even loss of your business all can result from a network security breach. Whether your core business is healthcare, education, professional services, manufacturing, e-commerce, or anything else—we understand your need for securing your IT systems against a breach such as data theft and website hacking.

Put GGNet’s continuous innovations, interventions, and breach response experience to work to help secure your enterprise systems. Network security services include breach response, network security audits, and network security consultation. Look to GGNet to:

Intervene when there’s a network security breach. We’ll immediately analyze where the door was opened and what vulnerabilities in your system have been exploited. A full range of expertise comes into play, from server and network administration to packet analysis to server log inspection to website code review. Look to GGNet to mitigate the breach with rapid response and the answers you need. Let us diagnose and mitigate the crisis for you and restore your normal operations.

Document what went wrong. When an unexplained data breach occurs, GGNet network security analysts are on the spot with the answers and documentation you require. GGNet consults in legal cases in which it’s essential to analyze the network security breach when record-destruction attempts may have been made. Using tools from log files to advanced data restoration techniques, we seek to pin down and document the information you need.

Tell you where you’re vulnerable. We rigorously inspect all aspects of your network, PC use, IT policies, human behaviors, and website systems that can compromise your network security. A fully customized GGNet network security audit is much more than a series of checkboxes. We do live testing of your systems, inspect website code, analyze the tunnel your data travels, review network and email specifications, and inspect every link in the chain of protection. From the simple to the sublime, we will quantify and analyze your risks. Our network security audit report identifies each step you need to take to protect your crucial IT and Web-based systems. Call on us for specialized audits, too, such as a HIPAA-compliance audit or a PCI-compliance audit.

Help you apply best practices. You can turn to GGNet Technologies’ network security analysts to specify and configure the most advanced and innovative network security solutions available anywhere. Combining practical experience with proprietary applications and network and datacenter expertise, we deliver the turnkey answers you need to safeguard your network, your Web applications, and your reputation.

Did you know that something as simple as your password policy can have a significant impact on your network security? Or that many devices connected to the Internet use default passwords? Learn more in our Network Security Facts & Stats page.

Don’t be a headline. Contact GGNet to secure your IT systems.

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