IT Consulting

We are quickly available by phone or email whenever you need us. What separates us from other IT companies is we make sure to connect your to the technician who best knows you and your computers. Gone are the days of talking to someone new who has no idea who you are or how you work. This saves time and money, but just as important gives you a friendly, reliable answer every time.

Core Networking

Your core network connects your business together, to your server, your software, and to the outside world. Security and reliability are key to give you peace of mind, prevent lost time and revenue, and keep your users happy and uninterrupted. At the same time, advanced management features give you minute control over your network and well-chosen hardware prevents extra costs both short and long term.

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Fully Managed

Are you expanding or revising systems to match your growing organization? Are you under pressure to reduce IT costs, advance productivity, or improve performance? Are you experiencing downtime, and are your users frustrated? Do you have an IT need that is not addressed by in-house resources? Need to find a more efficient way to manage your IT systems?

We understand that your computer network and networked PCs are critical to your operation. We provide you with proactive IT systems management, versatile 24/7 responsiveness, access to a range of specialized expertise, and cost savings.

Our goals are always to keep your IT assets functioning optimally, and keep your work teams productive. The comprehensive and versatile service options available to you let you structure IT services that fit your needs. For some clients, we are the outsourced IT department—or in many cases, we are the IT department’s IT department, filling gaps in IT management needs.

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Datacenter Hosting

GGNet Technologies is an EU Safe Harbor certified company focusing on robust, reliable datacenter services, including hosted services for websites, website applications, private secure cloud services, secure backups, failover systems, secure virtual private networks (VPNs), internal/cloud hybrid networks, disaster recovery solutions, and much more.

Customized datacenter solutions from GGNet serve school districts, medical practices, NASCAR drivers, technology companies, membership associations, educational management organizations, and large and small businesses throughout the United States. GGNet has met the rigorous technical requirements of Disney to provide a customized hosting solution for a Disney SyncLink™ solution.

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Emergency Contact

If you are in the midst of a crisis, GGNet technicians are ready to respond 24/7. Please fill out your contact information, and brief statement of the emergency, and click Send. A GGNet technician will call you back on the phone number you provided.