Support for IT Leaders and Teams

IT leaders often find that even the best IT team can't do everything. Rather than doing your job for you, we set up key systems, giving you the ability to manage your own network faster and more effectively. Some of our clients have even taken to calling us “the IT team’s IT team”.

New Installations

Installing new equipment frequently takes extra help, no matter the IT team. Making users happy and avoiding long, headache-inducing nights often takes specialized knowledge and experience as well as a few extra sets of hands.

Flexible Scheduling. We work with you to make transitions smooth and complaint-free. We can pre-configure and test new equipment and implementations at our office before deploying it at yours. We can also do installations during evenings or weekends, and match your schedule. Finally, we work with your to set reasonable user expectations and make sure everyone knows what is happening.

Training Your Team. As we set up new systems, including core networking, servers, and software, we offer to show you and your team exactly what we are doing. We can even set up a training session to ensure you have the complete ability to update and control your network.

Convenient Documentation. When installing new systems, we always create full documentation, including IP addresses, subnet configuration, and passwords. We give you a document with everything you need in one place.

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Ordering Equipment

Vendor Discounts. We partner with major vendors who give both our clients and their users great experiences. On larger projects, we talk to the vendor directly to get better pricing then is available on the open market

Trust. When trying to choose the right equipment, you never know when a salesman is exaggerating a products features or abilities. And comparing two products is impossible when you don’t know how either performs in the real world. That’s when you need to turn to someone you trust, who has not only datasheets but real world experience with different manufacturers and models. With our help, your equipment will work just as well in your rack as it does on paper.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

We all know two heads is better than one. And when IT people put their heads together, great things happen.

Planning. Your organizations expects you to have long-term goals and plans, and a way to accomplish them that falls within budgets. We have extensive experience setting identifying technical and big-picture priorities, creating a plan with a timeline, and ensuring everything falls within budget.

Cost Savings. We know that the expectations of your team and your budget sometimes just don’t match. Everyone constantly expects new software, more bandwidth, and better connectivity without the budget for the equipment that make it all happen. We have many ways of helping your meet demands on a budget. We have helped clients reduce bandwidth needs using wireless bridges or proxy servers, consolidate firewalls, and find licensing that works both short-term and long-term.

Emergency Contact

If you are in the midst of a crisis, GGNet technicians are ready to respond 24/7. Please fill out your contact information, and brief statement of the emergency, and click Send. A GGNet technician will call you back on the phone number you provided.