IT Solutions for Small Business

As small business owners ourselves, we know how demanding running a businesses is. Small businesses are expected to have all the in-house efficiency, data security, and client management software of a big enterprise but without the cost. Fortunately, GGNet is here to help. We not only set up powerful software tailored to your business, but we make sure you know how to use it and have the support you need. We don’t expect you to be a computer expert. As long as you know your business we will take care of the rest.

User Support

Help Desk Support. For organizations without their own IT departments, our Help Desk fill the gap. We are quickly available by phone or email whenever you need us. What separates us from other IT companies is we make sure to connect your to the technician who bests know you and your computers. Gone are the days of talking to someone new who has no idea who you are or how you work. This saves time and money, but just as important gives you a friendly, reliable answer every time.

Fully Managed. Fully managing a service means we take care of everything for a low, fixed monthly rate. We offer this for critical business essentials such as antivirus and backup, as well as computers and servers. Fully managing software or computers give you a predictable cost lets us take care of alerts before they become bigger problems.

Learn about the benefits of fully managed


New software and hardware have made a powerful range of features available in networking equipment of any size. They key is knowing what a business needs and how to implement it. That is where we come in.

Security. Credit card processing, compliances, and handling client information have made security a big deal for all organizations. By employing next-generation firewall features and user access controls, we can bring advanced security to your network and eliminate that scary, unknown feeling.

Accessibility. Accessibility makes employees both happier and more productive. Remote access, file sharing, and guest WiFi are business essentials. Read more in Core Networking.

Emergency Contact

If you are in the midst of a crisis, GGNet technicians are ready to respond 24/7. Please fill out your contact information, and brief statement of the emergency, and click Send. A GGNet technician will call you back on the phone number you provided.