Internet Security

How Secure is the Cloud?

I get asked this question so often, I finally decided to write out a full answer. So is the cloud secure? Are you ready? Here comes the big answer… Yes! And no. And also maybe so. Frankly, this is a difficult question to answer, simply because the answer is so variable. But I’ll do my Read More >

What is a Firewall?

A common question I hear after cleaning a client’s computer of malware is, “how did this happen, we have antivirus and a firewall?” This question has always intrigued me because it sheds some light on the fact that there are misconceptions about what firewalls actually do. We know what the purpose of antivirus is. We Read More >

Password Policies: Pitfalls and Solutions

What is a password policy? Password policies are used to set standard for passwords that will not be guessed or hacked. A password policy sets levels of security each employee must meet with their passwords. Often, password policies vary throughout a company. For instance, a system admin may have a stricter policy than a regular Read More >